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The Cefalù Immobiliare has been operating for over 30 years in Cefalù (PA) in the real estate market. The attention to the territory and to the natural heritage, of which Sicily and Cefalù in particular, boast history and beauty, has made it pursue over the years the objective of selecting the goods to be marketed and boasts a meticulous care in recommending solutions more appropriate to those who decide to invest in real estate, giving the relationship with customers a professional character, increasing the quality offer and indicating market trends, but also of cordial familiarity, aware of the representative value of the "home". Our agency follows and takes care of the relationships with the clientele across the Alps, addressing in a capillary way the English, American, French and Eastern markets with the promotion on the major real estate sites of the world, not neglecting on the other hand the residential clientele always receives all the necessary assistance and updated information on inheritance laws, stacking, mortgages, etc., in a constantly evolving market. A specific sector deals with promoting the tourist-receptive real estate market, boasting over the years the intervention in the marketing of the most important tourist hotel settlements in the Cefalù area.


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